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Rug Braiding
Make a lasting home furnishing by creating your own braided rug. Wool is a tough natural product that stands up to our daily lives and will continue to make a good insulation as well as making your home more beautiful. We offer a series of three classes beginning January 7th from 9am-12noon. Call today and get started braiding.

Dance of the Dragonflies
Now here is a truly stunning project. Looks like stained glass and when you use batiks in shades of lavender, sea blue, ocean green, salmon and ochre your imagination is on fire! There are two class sessions being offered. The first starts, Tuesday, January 10th from 1-4pm and the second starts Saturday, February 11th from 9am-1pm. Join us and have fun.

Quilting Class, The ABC's of 3-D
If you're old enough to remember Q-Bert then you'll remember the three dimensional look of the quilt we'll be teaching beginning Wednesday, February 1st from 5-7pm. Call today for the materials list and what you'll need to create an impressive

Paper Piecing
Looking for a technique that will offer great points in your quilting? Learn to paper piece and love your results. If you have never tried this before or need a refresher on how to call today and sign up for something to spark your creative fun. Class begins on Tuesday, January 31st from 5-7p!

We have lots of new classes coming including daytime classes, evening classes and Saturday classes. See you soon!

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